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    I have an old computer that someone tried to clean fup for me a few years ago. They uninstalled my Windows 98 program and installed Windows 2000 professional. They put in a password on the initial log in page w/o telling me the password and I now cannot get past this page at all. I do not know much about computers and drives and such so I do not know how to fix this problem or get to a techno page to uninstall this and reinstall my Windows 98 program. I have the cd for this but the computer does nothing when I put the cd in. Please help!!!! Does anyone know a command code to put into the user id spot or password that will enable the program to go to the techno page or get past this point? I have taken it to the computer geeks at Best Buy but they want $300 to fix it which seems criminal since you can get a new computer for $400 (which I cannot afford right now) I wanted to give this old one to my dad for Christmas so he can play his internet hearts game (which is the only reason he wants a computer) and I feel that spending $400-$500 on a new computer for him to only play basic games is silly. The computer worked fine before in both 98 and 2000 forms but was continually locking up in Windows 2000 until the password got erased somehow.
    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 11:17 PM

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