Redirect Print using WHS RRS feed

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  • Question:  I need to print a document to a printer connected to my computer from a computer directly connected to my WHS.


    Answer:  Getting WHS to print to any printer connected is simple.  The challenge is going the other way when one is out in the field and need information printed on site.  Here’s the easy fix:


    1. The computer where the information is stored must meet the WHS Remote Client specifications (Win/XP Pro, Vista Pro, etc.)
    2. The client computer must be in good working order with “Remote Desktop” enabling users to connect to this computer evoked. (Your client connection won’t work without it)
    3. It is best to do this via the WHS Remote Desktop through your *.homeserver.com portal connection to the desired computer.  Make sure when connecting, the “Allow printers” is checked in the Remote Desktop initial screen.
    4. Once you are logged in go to your printers manufacturers website and download the latest driver to support your printer.  Save it to a folder on the computer holding the data and execute the printer program.
    5. Your driver will ask which port you desire the printer to be placed.  Select the first TSXXX
    6. After a successful installation you will have to log off the computer holding the data and reconnect for the device to connect probably.
    7. Go to control panel and “Printers & Faxes” and select your device with a right click.  Choose “Properties” to print a test page.
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