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  • I requested a course on integrating / tweaking Windows App Studio generated packages in Visual Studio at the training support page -- Microsoft Virtual Academy > Request a new course > Windows Phone Apps Development. 

    They suggested I contact this forum. Repeat of that request below:

    I've taken Lance McCarthy's course Introduction to Mobile App Development and have developed the base of my mobile app using Windows App Studio. I've downloaded the package to continue the development using Visual Studio Community 2015. I've started Bob Tabor's course Windows 10 Development for Absolute Beginners. I've asked questions on the community forum and have gotten useful feedback, but without adequate knowledge as a beginner, it is difficult to negotiated some things. For instance, my issue is that I am developing a specific app that requires moment.js and jquery.js. It works great outside of Visual Studio environment but inside, NOT. I believe / know that I need to "bind" my recurring json data file to the one page / page section that I want to have data "change" based on the date. The core of my code was originally developed using MAINLY HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. I've installed winJS and am not sure what to do with it but seems to be step in right direction since my Emulator is working but NOT with the JavaScript code. As I said, I've gotten suggestion from the forum but am NOT at all sure how to implement the suggestions -- so many folders are generated by Windows App Studio. How to add something extra that cannot be accomplished in Windows App Studio IS A MYSTERY.


    A course on what next to do to tweak / fine-tune code to behave how you need the app to behave. As I said, the code DOES work outside of VS2015. Works great direct in browser or in Dreamweaver. So the problem is not the code; it is knowing how to "install" / "point" the code properly inside of VS2015 AFTER creating the basic app's look and feel in Windows App Studio.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Bob Tabor's way of training and am (in addition to above mentioned course) in the process of taking his Intro JS and Intro C# courses. I've completed a JS course on Udemy by Tony Alicia (The Weird Parts), which has proven quite helpful to getting closer to understanding JS.

    PLEASE consider a course that brings Mobile App Development (Windows App Development) together with Visual Studio development -- Life after the Intro Courses.

    Thank you.

    Newbie enough to get myself into trouble. :0) Eyes are crossed and growth is pain ... but working on it.

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