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    Finally decided to jump on the whs bandwagon after loosing data on yet another hd, 2nd this year. Would have been nice to have a backup, but that's my fault.


    First I have to say that I am amazed at how little everyone knows about whs in the retail stores I visited today. Out of the 7 stores, 6 had never even heard of whs, and the final one had heard of it because they sell the software, but had never attempted putting a system together with it. MS marketing campaign must not be in full gear yet.


    Anyhow, after reading everything I could here I finally went out and purchased the equipment, though I am not sure about capatability with whs. Hopefully the experts here can chime in and give me advice before I put it all together.



    gigabyte s-series p35-ds3r motherboard

    intel q6600

    16x hitachi 1tb external drives (will rip drives out of external cases - sale was to good to pass up $169 each)

    4gb corsair cm2x1024-8500c5 ram


    Still have to find a rackmount case that can hold all the drives and a powersupply. Not to mention temp video card as it turns out there is no onboard video, though I could have sworn the one in the store had it grrrr


    I went to the ms site for hardware for server2k3 but the board was not on there, heck I couldn't find any board listed for the q6600 that was compatible.


    I bought the mb due to the 8x sata and the 12x usb2 ports, figuring that would give me more than enough for growth.



    1. what size power supply should I be looking for? (I already have 4 other computers all with 1k powersupplies, hoping I don't need yet another 1k with this many drives, esp since I am not going to be using any of the 8800gtx video cards like my other comps use) Always wondered if a 1k ps always sucks up 1k, or if it just uses what it needs, thinking my power bill here LOL.


    2. Does whs install to a sata drive without having to do anything crazy in the bios first?


    3. Is this equipment strong enough for whs?

    My main purpose is to stream hd video to the other 4 computers throughout the house, all on wired gb of course.


    4. Has anyone come across a nice rackmount case that can hold this many sata drives or something close to 16? I'm sick and tired of all the external drives in my closet and the wiring mess. Want as many drives internal as possible so that it's much cleaner looking. Also have to consider heat probs with that many drives in a single case.....


    thnx so much in advance for any advice offered.

    Sunday, December 9, 2007 3:16 AM

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  • A couple of answers:


    1.  Your power supply needs should be calculated according to what you are going to hook up to it.  Antec has a power supply calculator on it's website as do other PS manufacturers.  That said, your power supply's rating doesn't necessarily indicate how much power it will draw.  My system has a supply rated at 650 watts, but only draws about 70 watts when the system is just sitting there doing nothing.  That's with 3 HD's always on and three case fans turning.  If you determine that you need a 1 kw supply, try for one with an 80% or better efficiency rating so that you 're not paying to heat your server closet with electricity.


    2.  If your board's bios comes with the default setting of SATA supporting legacy IDE, then WHS will install to the SATA drive without a problem.  OTW, you may have to feed it SATA drivers from a floppy or USB drive during the install.


    3.  That processor and memory combo is far and away adequate for WHS.  If you have any problem streaming video, it will likely be a SATA drive issue.  If you hook in more than 8 drives, you'll need a PCI Express SATA card.


    4. As long as you don't have budget issues, THIS looks like it would fit the bill, using SATA backplane.





    Sunday, December 9, 2007 9:31 PM
  • Thanks for the input.


    Also, love the case and it's even bigger than the one I found. I wasn't sure or not if I could use a sata backplane with whs and 1tb drives. It sounds like whs will see them as actually 16 separate drives instead of 4 large drives which is perfect as I was pretty sure 32bit os couldn't recognize drives bigger than 2tb.


    Can't wait to get the case and put this sucker together. Only sad part is finding out last night that whs does not support vista64 which really sucks for me as a few of my machines are 64 and there is no way I am going to downgrade to 32. I'm hoping it will at least backup my system and the only thing I will be missing is the 64bit gui.


    Monday, December 10, 2007 3:16 AM
  • Dreamhost - I think I'm right in saying that the 64 should be comming very soon (ish!) - There are many who are waiting for it.
    Monday, December 10, 2007 10:25 AM