Automatic log-in not working RRS feed

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  • Whenever I access these forums the text in the upper right corner reads "Sign out". This suggests to me that I am automatically signed in (all though there is no user name to the left of that text as is normally the case). 

    However, when I want to do any action that requires being logged in (like asking a question), I always get an error that I first need to be signed in. So I then first have to click "Sign out", then I have to click again on "Sign In" and only then I am presented with the log-in dialog.

    But regardless, of whether I check the "Remember my password" checkbox or not: next time I visit a forum page I will find myself in that half-logged-in state again, i.e. I appear to be logged in, but I first need to log-out, then log back in to be able to do anything here. Why is that so and can I fix that locally? Or is this a bug of the website?



     PS.: This is on Windows 7 (Ultimate) using IE8.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 8:32 AM


  • It's a bug where the header sign in state gets confused against the forums sign in state. Always use and default to the forums one,  because that one is the state the application is looking at, the header should always be consistent but we know it isn't. We have a LOT of bug reports on this but no ETA to the fix as of yet.

    Thanks for reporting.

    Community Forums Program Manager
    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 7:34 PM