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    I use a program called Handy Backup. It alone can backup to ftp, net work drive, anywhere. It's Server 2003 compliant and can run as a service! So I was going to install it on WHS and run it.

    Would be nice if someone could set up a Remote FTP Backup Add-in for WHS Console to utilize Handy Backup like Marcel did with his uTorrent Add-in. Once installed, Handy Backup could be controlled from the WHS console. This would allow backup of your WHS files to your own web server.

    Personally, I have a remote server I host my web sites on and a game. It has over 500 gig of unused storage on it. Nice place for a remote backup should my house burn down.

    Now, Handy Backup is not free. I think I paid $39.00 USA for it. And it's very nice. PC Mag and a few others gave it a thumbs up some time ago. I'll include links to them and please leave some feedback and ideas. Maybe we'll get someone to write the add-in!

    Heck, maybe this Add-In can be done without using Handy Backup or any software. Maybe it can be entirely coded within the Add-in! I'm no coder, so it's up to you guys.

    Link: www.handybackup.net/handybackup-standard.shtml

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 11:14 AM

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  • Couldn't agree more mate.. I posted something on this in the Developer section too. There is a proprietary one out there but it just sends to a single site. We need something more generic. Backing up your PC's to the server in the house is fine except , as you note , when the house burns down - or someone nicks your kit!


    I have my WHS in an outhouse but I want to ftp it all up to a server on the web once a week or so...


    Will look at that software you mention though..wonder if it can (even manually) backup the WHS shares anyway to a web server?

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 4:31 PM
  • Sirius99,

    Yes, that is why I mentioned this Handy Backup. I use it to automatically and redundantly backup WHS to another machine during this entire beta trial of WHS.

    It does have the ability to back up over a home network and to ANY ftp server you wish and it is 2003 Server compatible. With version 5.7, the option to run Handy Backup as a service is now included for free. Older versions cost $20 more to get the service option.

    I installed Handy Backup 5.7 on WHS RC1, used its built in service set up tool, set up to backup to to my web server via FTP and set it to run at a scheduled time. Took me 5 minutes tops. I rebooted WHS, but did not log in. I just watched the clock tick to the scheduled time and watched the router lights.  Right on time Handy Backup started normally with WHS and started to auto backup to my web FTP account. So, it works just fine as a service and while not logged into WHS!

    Maybe someone would be willing to integrate it into a Console Add-in or come up with something altogether solo.  If not, we now know it will work very easily as a service all on its own...

    Any ideas? Any takers?
    Thursday, June 21, 2007 10:18 PM

    Yes but which Handy Backup is the real one?! www.handybackup.com or www.handybackup.net Both claim to be the owner, and both will sell you a copy. Both claim the other stole their code and branched off. Seems shady to me. Which hand backup company did you buy from?
    Thursday, November 8, 2007 11:33 PM
  •  Mark Sh wrote:


    Yes but which Handy Backup is the real one?! www.handybackup.com or www.handybackup.net Both claim to be the owner, and both will sell you a copy. Both claim the other stole their code and branched off. Seems shady to me. Which hand backup company did you buy from?

    Mark Sh,

    I've been using the .net Russian version for the past year and my reg key came from the .net company. The current version is 5.8. 

    Here's what I’ve found out during the past year.
    The .com and the.net used similar web pages at one time. 
    Both, at one time, claimed to be endorsed by Scott Swedorski, founder of TUCOWS.
    The .com is in Texas, USA and .net is in Russia.

    Personally, I think that the .com was first and was bought out by the .net or there was some sort of falling out or business arrangement. Maybe both operate independently and each owns rights to the name. Though Russian copyrights are different than USA. 

    I've sent an email to both to see if I can get to the bottom of the controversy. The Russian site has a USA distributor about 15 miles from my house. So, I sent them an email tonight. I'll send one to the Texas based firm too and see what I get.

    It would not shock me if they are really related and operate individually. Many firms do this today on the net, but typically use different names. Basically, more fish hooks in the river.....

    Anyway, I've put together a "How To" on how to install it and set it up on WHS. This site is MS Windows Home Server and is owned by Philip Churchill. I do some guest writing when I have time.

    There are few backup services out there now that intergrate with WHS. Some pretty cheap too. My How Two is nice if you already have a web server with extra HD space. So, then you have no additional costs and it's in a folder system you can actually see and control vs. the Pay To Backup services. Mine is just one of many options.....

    Decide for yourself, but the .net version has worked nicely for me over the past year. And with free updates!!!

    Friday, November 9, 2007 1:10 AM
  • Ok, I know they are related. I followed links from both .com and .net. The billing addresses for the parent company are both in Russia and both are in the same city! The wording on the .com Novosoft Inc. and .net Novosoft LLC are almost identical.

    The .com has a US distributor in Autstin,Texas and the .net has a US  distributor in Alliance, Ohio.
    The .com email and web address is novosoft.us
    The .net email and web address is novosoft-usa.com

    Open the addresses in tabs and compare. I just followed links from the contacts section on both web sites.
    Novosoft Inc.  (.com) http://novosoft.us/other/contact_us.shtml#1

    Novosoft LLC (.net) http://www.novosoft-usa.com/other/contact_us.shtml

    Cnet lists the LLC (.net) as the official download company. http://www.download.com/Novosoft/3260-20_4-6201534.html?tag=tdw_publink
    Tucows.com lists the LLC (.net) as the official download company too.

    See for yourselves... But this probably two different divisions within the same company competing with each other through both of their US distributors...LOL. Games...
    Friday, November 9, 2007 1:54 AM
  • If we had such an Add-In, it would be ideal if could call whatever 3rd Party backup program the user wants. I, along with others, use SecondCopy which also runs as a service under WHS, for off-site backup.

    The flexibility would appeal to a broader userbase, rather than limiting to one programe.




    Friday, November 9, 2007 5:41 PM
  • Sounds good to have multiple choices...I'm big on choices. But I'm not sure how feasible it would be to make an add-in that could accommodate 3-4-5 different backup programs.  I'm no add-in maker, but that seems like it would be difficult to accommodate.

    I've seen no interest by anyone to make an add-in for remote backup except for the Pay-Per-Use apps that are out now for WHS.  Of course profit is going to generate interest in the creation of add-in like the ones currently available.

    That's why I suggested the program I currently use and suggest that others use one of their choice also and make use of any leftover HD space on their web server should they have one.....

    Heck, if I get bored this winter....I may have to teach myself how to make an add-in and try to tie it into Handybackup or SecondCopy. Haven't the foggiest clue how to do it,,,but I might try.

    Sunday, November 11, 2007 1:45 AM