Windows 10 many issues: should be re-released in a version which fixes those fundamental issues even Microsoft admits, like loss of wifi connectivity, failur of browser scrolling, loss of sleep function and so on? RRS feed

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  • I made the mistake of doing the 10 upgrade on 5 August, on my brand new Surface Pro 3. After finding one major issue after another I used the facility provided with Windows 10 to roll back to Windows 8.1. I then did a system restore to get rid of major errors that 10 left after uninstall, like that no program would stay running once opened! Now my Surface is running beautifully again on 8.1. The fact that Microsoft put the wind-back within 30 days option into W10 is a bit of a give-away; you guys knew W10 is extremely faulty, so why release it before it is worth installing?

    I had every one of the Microsoft-identified issues; loss of sleep function, degraded wifi connectivity, delay in browser scrolling, complete inadequacy of the Edge browser, so I didn't get as far as checking if my business files on OneDrive were still accessible. I also objected strongly to the amount of Microsoft control I would take on if I did the recommended installation. Almost all of my computing activity would have been reported to Microsoft and my interface would have been modified and controlled directly by Microsoft. No Thanks. I unchecked around 15 options in order to do an install which would leave control of my computer to me.

    I even had to go into Settings after the W10 uninstall and the system restore, to stop the W10 installation from beginning again! It's like trying to kill a centipede by chopping it up - almost impossible.

    I will not install 10 until Microsoft goes through its own list of major faults and fixes them then tells the world what has been fixed. I can't run a business on Windows 10.

    Friday, August 7, 2015 11:42 PM


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