MCP Login Access Issues


  • Hi There, I really need help, as no other support services (Education, Escalations, Normal Support) Could help me and they referred me here.

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to get support from Microsoft about my MCP account that I cannot access. I forgot the password for my account, and have been unable to recover it online.

    My Recovery email is not accessible anymore. I don’t have a recovery code, and I have attempted the Online Validation Form (Account Recovery form- ACSR) without success.

    I have been told by Microsoft support that I phones that the Online Validation Form (Account Recovery form- ACSR) is the only way to recover it, but I am stuck there. The guy said if I can sort it out online he cannot assist me. Surely there must be other means to assist me?

      Please can you assist, as I don’t know further what to do? All I need to be able to do is to recover/reset my password for my account. It surely cannot be that difficult?

    Friday, January 20, 2017 6:00 AM