Newbie in way over his head & needs to do clean install of WHS 2011 on Acer RevoCenter RC111-ER10H RRS feed

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I just got an Acer RevoCenter RC111-ER10H and am trying to set it up on a Windows 8.1 system & a D-Link wireless network.

    The original installation seemed to work but I was then locked out after a reboot as I never declared a username and Connect would not let me past the original login w/o it.  I tried using the Acer-supplied recovery disk and created a bootable USB stick for the server but after repeated attempts my main computer still cannot see the server to continue with the recovery. The Acer documentation on how to recover/reinstall is very sketchy (to be polite) and shows a number of screens that I assume come from Windows 7. Nothing specific to 8 or 8.1

    At this point, all I want to do is a clean, new "just out of the box" reinstall. I had no data or accounts on the server so am not losing anything. I may have made matters worse by removing the RevoCenter from my Control Panel Devices page and also the Connect from my main computer via the Control-Center-Programs-Uninstall in an attempt to clear out the failed first install.

    Again, what I'm trying to do is just roll back and do a fresh install and forget (& get my hardware to do likewise) that the first installation ever happened. 

    Thanks in advance & realize I am way, way out of my depth here as a casual user - go easy on me.


    Tuesday, January 7, 2014 4:46 AM


  • Why these manufacturers can't expose a simple VGA port on the back of the device is beyond me.

    In any case, you'll need to follow the server recovery procedure documented on page 94 of your user's manual exactly.  Here is a direct link to a Zip file from the Acer global support site:


    Don't expect to be able to find the server on a wireless network while performing recovery.  I don't have experience with this product, but you will almost certainly need to connect your systems to a wired Ethernet network during this process. Is your D-Link router also a wired switch?  If so, there should be several Ethernet jacks on the rear of the router. Plug the server into one, and your client PC into another, then attempt the recovery process.

    I don't think having Windows 8 on your client PC should be an issue.

    If after following these instructions exactly you still can't get things sorted, you'll just have to reach out to Acer Support.  (I did read somewhere that the server may have a "hidden" VGA port which you can access if you remove the case; however, you'll still need a Windows Home Server installation media and a product key. I've only got experience with the retail WHS product, not with OEM distributions, so I can't really say how you could make use of this.)

    It goes without saying that if you do get things recovered, you should follow the initial setup and install instructions to the letter the second time, and make sure to supply user names, passwords, or whatever else is needed.

    FYI, once any WHS is up and running, you can also use Remote Desktop from any client PC to log directly into the server using the built-in 'Administrator' account and the server password you supplied during set up (assuming the Acer exposes this to you).  This procedure will allow you to run the WHS Dashboard locally on the server to set up new user accounts should you somehow get locked out of the Launchpad on your client PC. 

    Edit: is your server still functional from your original install, and does the server show up by name on your network in Windows File Explorer?  If so, you may not need to do a full recovery if you have the server password.  You should be able to just reinstall the Connector on the client, then log in.  Have you tried this?

    Good luck.

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