Mediation Sever unable to pick SIP call RRS feed

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  • HI ,

    we are trying to setup the standard process of setting up Mediatin server and ocs front end .

    Here is what our configuration looks like.

    1) Mediation server MED_SERVER  with 2 nic cards.
       1) IP 1=  a Public static IP
       2) IP2 =   internal dynamic IP assigned by the router  (DNS pointing to Domain Controller IP address)

    2) OCS front end server  OCS_SERVER
         IP3=  internal dynamic IP assigned by the router (DNS pointing to Domain Controller IP address)

    3) Domain Controller DC 
       IP = IP4 (internal dynamic IP assigned by the router)

    all setup seems to be fine. We used OCS Analyzer to check our setup. Eveyrthing seems to be setup fine.

    We have setup a trace on the mediation server to see the incoming/outgoing trafic.

    Here is what we are having issue.
    1) Try to call a number 8668869491
    2) goes to a switch (media gateway)
    3) call is Redirected to the Mediation sever on the public IP, we  can see the trace as 
       source Ip as the gateway IP and the destination Ip as the mediation server ip (with SIP invite message with the right phone number, Transport protocaol showing as UDP)

     Now the issue here is we are seeing one more entry  with source as Mediation seveer ip and destination ip as Gateway ip, and erroring put with unreachable port

    Nor sure why the mediation server  is unable to intercept the SIP message . Not sure whats going on. Please help.

    mediation sever setup seems to be correct.
    Communcation server listening port is the inernal one (IP2)
    and gateway port is  set to public IP(IP1)

    Next hop also poniting to (OCS front server) and gateway IP is also set(this would be outgoing though)

    we are just trying to setup Incoming  call.



    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 2:43 PM

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  • Dynamically assigned IP addresses  - bad idea. DHCP on your domain controller – even worst!


    1.       Make sure you are using static IP addresses for your servers

    2.       Make sure you do not register your Public IP address on the Mediation in your internal DNS

    3.       You did not mention but… were proper certificates installed on your servers?


    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:26 PM
  • 1) it is a test lab, and except for the mediation server ,others server are used internally and these ips do not change.
    2)Public IP address on the Mediation in your internal DNS is not registered in our internal DNS
    3) certificates are installed correctly in the servers

    1) dont see any trace on the mediation sever picking up the call.
    2) idont see any trace on  Mediatin server IP going to OCS front end.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:43 PM