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  • I have seen this question asked repeatedly. I need to talk to a USB device in C#. I would like to send some control transfer request to the device and get the output etc. Is there any C# libraries that can do this? I heard that we can do this using the SerialPort class, but the samples using SerialPort seem mostly in opening and reading/writing to normal ports and not USB. Can someone please point to some links/samples on talking to a USB device and sensing requests ot it?
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  • There are many types of USB devices, as shown in USB device class drivers included in Windows (Windows Drivers). It is also possible for a device to use the old-style serial interface. You need to specify more of what you need to do. You need to first determine the type of device and specify that.

    The following might help.

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    Try Cypress Suite USB




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  • Try Usb.Net.

    Some sample code:

    internal class TrezorExample : IDisposable
            #region Fields
            //Define the types of devices to search for. This particular device can be connected to via USB, or Hid
            private readonly List<FilterDeviceDefinition> _DeviceDefinitions = new List<FilterDeviceDefinition>
                new FilterDeviceDefinition{ DeviceType= DeviceType.Hid, VendorId= 0x534C, ProductId=0x0001, Label="Trezor One Firmware 1.6.x", UsagePage=65280 },
                new FilterDeviceDefinition{ DeviceType= DeviceType.Usb, VendorId= 0x534C, ProductId=0x0001, Label="Trezor One Firmware 1.6.x (Android Only)" },
                new FilterDeviceDefinition{ DeviceType= DeviceType.Usb, VendorId= 0x1209, ProductId=0x53C1, Label="Trezor One Firmware 1.7.x" },
                new FilterDeviceDefinition{ DeviceType= DeviceType.Usb, VendorId= 0x1209, ProductId=0x53C0, Label="Model T" }
            #region Events
            public event EventHandler TrezorInitialized;
            public event EventHandler TrezorDisconnected;
            #region Public Properties
            public IDevice TrezorDevice { get; private set; }
            public DeviceListener DeviceListener { get; private set; }
            #region Event Handlers
            private void DevicePoller_DeviceInitialized(object sender, DeviceEventArgs e)
                TrezorDevice = e.Device;
                TrezorInitialized?.Invoke(this, new EventArgs());
            private void DevicePoller_DeviceDisconnected(object sender, DeviceEventArgs e)
                TrezorDevice = null;
                TrezorDisconnected?.Invoke(this, new EventArgs());
            #region Public Methods
            public void StartListening()
                DeviceListener = new DeviceListener(_DeviceDefinitions, 3000);
                DeviceListener.DeviceDisconnected += DevicePoller_DeviceDisconnected;
                DeviceListener.DeviceInitialized += DevicePoller_DeviceInitialized;
            public async Task InitializeTrezorAsync()
                //Get the first available device and connect to it
                var devices = await DeviceManager.Current.GetDevices(_DeviceDefinitions);
                TrezorDevice = devices.FirstOrDefault();
                await TrezorDevice.InitializeAsync();
            public async Task<byte[]> WriteAndReadFromDeviceAsync()
                //Create a buffer with 3 bytes (initialize)
                var writeBuffer = new byte[64];
                writeBuffer[0] = 0x3f;
                writeBuffer[1] = 0x23;
                writeBuffer[2] = 0x23;
                //Write the data to the device
                return await TrezorDevice.WriteAndReadAsync(writeBuffer);
            public void Dispose()

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