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  • I'm just starting with Mesh (to set the stage).


    Someone send me an email with a link to share a particular directory on their machine.  I then downloaded the latest Mesh software, installed it and logged in (I have a live ID for my hotmail account).


    The file appears to have replicated the directory structure (under the shared directory name), but the structure is empty of content (there are some files, but all have the WLX extension and are listed as ZERO bytes.

    As an aside, when I open the Live Desktop, it does not give me the option of sync'ing the shared directory with my desktop.  I also recieved an error at one point saying that I couldn't sync the files with my mac UNTIL I had sync'ed with Live Desktop (which only provides the option of "never sync").


    So I'm just baffled - not even sure where to begin or what to do.

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:37 PM


  • I think that the error about the Live Desktop was erroneous.

    When someone shares a folder with you and that folder is on their Live Desktop, you have access to the contents of that folder when you sign in with your LiveID in www.mesh.com

    If they are sharing a folder with you that they are not synchronizing with their Live Desktop, you will not have access to the folder via www.mesh.com

    If they are sharing a folder with you that is not synchronizing with the Live Desktop, the only way for you to sync with that folder is via P2P. That means that the files will sync when both of you are signed in and online. The WLX files are placeholders. These will be replaced by the actual files when they complete synchronizing.

    Note that if the files and/or folder that the other person is sharing with you are encrypted, you will never see the files Sync on a Mac.


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    Thursday, April 1, 2010 3:06 PM