Can't sign into xbox live due to email issues RRS feed

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  • I have been an Xbox user for a about 6 years and have used the same email address that I received at college forn my account. I have never had an issue signing into xbox live until recently in the last year. My college email was changed over from an in house server to a microsoft outlook live account for more space and efficiency by the university. When they changed the email over they also changed the password associated with that email as well. I have never had an issue using my email on the new windows outlook live account server.

    Now for the problem: When i try to sign in to xbox live on my actual xbox, it is asking for a password to accompany my email address I use with my account. My password for xbox does not work anymore for the email address assciated with the xbox live account. I know this is a valid email because I had been doing automatic bill pay and they always sent the invoice and emails to this account for my gamer tag. I figured I would just try to change the password or use account recovery for the for xbox to be able to sign in. When I do these steps, I encoutner a pop up wondow asking me to sign/log into my windows outlook live email account from the collge server. After typing in the log in box, it does not recognize the log in for xbox nor will it even sign into the collge email for that matter. Since I cannot change or recover my password for the xbox live log in for security purposes, I can't sign on to xbox live through my gamer tag.  

    The problem in my opinion seems to be somwhere in the use of the windows outlook live switch I would think, but no one has been able to help me fix this problem from xbox nor windows yet.

    I have used different operating systems and computers as requested by others, but I still get stuck at the first step with prompts to sign into my email account and no not being able to sign into xbox live on the actual xbox.  

    Sunday, March 31, 2013 7:03 PM