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    I'm very pleased, that I bought my Lumia 535 last summer and jumped into Lumia-world after some years with Android-phones. The long wait finally came to an end, when the Windows 10 Mobile arrived to my phone. And I have to say, that I'm so pleased, you've taken a giant leap from the Win 8 to this. Of course, there is some rough edges here and there, as I now shall write about:

    -Edge-browser is quite much jerking all the time, no matter what I've tried, but it's not too bad overall. I know, that eventually you'll ''iron'' it out, so it will be smooth to use.

    -When I go to some submenus in the settings and when I select some extra settings, that directs me to a whole different topic. When I press return, it won't return to the previous area, instead, it stays on that particular area and returns back to main menu from that. Propably it has been reported already.

    -It has the possibility to connect to another display, but some weird reason, the Miracast support isn't available (wireless display connection), while it's available on Lumia 550, which is basically, same phone on a smaller size.

    -Lock screen is jerking a bit, it sometimes pops up the different icons in delay.

    -Screen's touch feature is improved a lot from the Win 8.1, but, while it was jerking, fuzzy and slow with the 8.1, it's now fast and still jerking a bit, so that might be a firmware/hardware issue afterall.

    -Some minor jerkings with OS here and there, but you will eventually get those fixed.

    Now, it's the question time. I know, that this may sound very old fashioned and somewhat odd to modern days, but, since I do have big fingers and not so accurate ones, I was wondering about the T9/3x4 keyboard support. Are there been any discussions about adding that to the phone ? The basic KB is ok to use, better than it was in 8.1, but, I never have really gotten used to that keyboard, and I'm not the fan of the Cortana either, I still prefer to write stuff by hand. And since it's essentially a mobilephone to me, it would be natural thing to have one, at least as an optional feature, that could be downloaded separately from Store, etc, etc. So think about it, it's not complex thing to do, there has been those around since the introduction of a mobile phone. :)

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