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  • I am a PC gamer running on a Windows 10 for a few years now. I have never had anything to complain about and it was fine, but recently, somehow my Windows Explorer crashes a few times a minute. I have looked into it and I am not aware what to do or tricks to fix it. I have gone into the "Security and Maintenance" in the control panel, I went into the Maintenance tab and clicked on the Reliability Monitor and looked into the crashed. It was reported that Windows Explorer Stopped Working, with a button near it saying Check for Solution and the result was: There is no Solution. I did this several times. It keeps on crashing once or so a minute and there is no help online either. So basically my desktop resets and so does my task bar and things. I did a factory reset, reinstalled my games and things and it was fine... until it happened again.... but this time I looked into the updates and what were there, updates so I installed these updates and somehow it fixed my issues. And now it is happening again, but there are no updates yet and I don't want to reset my PC again. Thus I'm wondering if I am the only one who this is happening to, or if it is a windows 10 thing. I don't even know what is happening, I cant seem to fix it but I finally turned to the support and couldn't even send them a support ticket so I figured this would do and PLEASE HELP ME!
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