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  • ..of course, a major part of that 'test' was good luck! Wink

    2 weeks ago I had to pull a hard drive out to send back to the manufacturer on a warranty issue, so I went through the process of 'select drive, choose remove, etc...' and after it shut down the backup service and cut off connectivity to everyone, my wife got antsy and tried to log in from a machine in the house to see what happened (I was in the garage).  Her logging in caused my session to log out before the drive removal process was complete.  After 'discussing' what she did, I got back in and saw that the drive was now labled as missing.  I pulled the cable and power from the drive, removed it from the case, and then went through the removal process.  No big deal, I figured, since I had folder duplication turned on for everything.

    However, later that night, WHS reported another drive gone.  ***!  I checked all the power and cabling and nothing seemed amiss there, I then tried to rebuild the drive but had no luck.  After 3 reboots and multiple other rebuild attempts, I finally just pulled power on the drive, removed it, and rebooted.  After everything came back online, I checked every folder and nothing appeared to be missing.  After reformatting the 2nd drive, I put it back on the server and it's been doing fine.

    Like I said, a big part of that was luck, but the only other kind of setup I've EVER seen that could do that is a RAID 6 array, which will allow you to pull up to 2 drives on a working system without data loss.

    Sunday, December 23, 2007 8:45 PM