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  • Been on line all day have  not been  kicked off line one time.
    'Knocking on wood"
    Went to  up load some pictures on myspace and it was the fastest
    I have ever seen I tell you what,it was so fast and smooth.
    Couldn't hardly believe it.
    All day this has been great no bug's so for.
    I watched the Round Table video.Doing all this in FireFox.
    They talked mostly about How the Bios runs along
    with Vista,and the up to date hardware.
    And I think the motherboard has to do something
    with the Blue screen and cash dump, When ever I delete
    Large files like a gig are so.

    Having a Dual Core I was able to watch the video
    at the same time I was working on myspace page.
    Ran along like there was nothing to it.

    Anyway, it has been a pleasure to work with
    this Laptop, My first one.
    I always used plan ole pc.
    I always thought that laptops ran to slow,
    But hang on this one screams. My first
    really fast pc and its a laptop.
    Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:57 AM