Is there a way to insert check boxes when collecting data through Microsoft Access? RRS feed

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  • I want to collect data from my clients through a survey in Microsoft Access. I am asking a series of questions and would like my clients to reply by clicking a check box that says either it's Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important. I know you can use blank fields to collect data, but is there any way to use check boxes? I believe I will be more likely to get replies if all they have to do is click a box, instead of actually typing a response. Thank You in advance for the help. 
    Friday, February 6, 2009 9:09 PM


  • This is the Windows Home Server forum. You will probably get much more assistance if you seek out a forum for the product you're asking about; in this case Microsoft Access.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Friday, February 6, 2009 9:18 PM