64 bit Image Composite Editor freezes as 25% during export operation RRS feed

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  • 64 bit  Image Composite Editor has been freezing at 25% in compositing phase during an export operation after it has aligned images.

    Previously the program froze at 50% during just after it had aligned the images.

    The spj file shows that the images appear to have been aligned. The image set is very large, around 1000 5184x3456 images but my solid state hard drive has 318 Gig of free space.

    Image Composite Editor has managed to stich about 700 of the images successfully.

    I had set the program to render straight after a reboot with not other programs running.

    p.s. I use a microscope and make big composites. If you want some very challenging image sets to test your really excellent software I can provide these.

    The images I try to make often require me to "tinker" to get them to stich correctly. I can think of ways that your interface etc. could be extended etc. E.g. a drag and drop like facility in the structured panaroma allowing any shape and allowed you to swap images in and out or around. This could be combined with other overlap parameters to allow the user to guide the program to a successful stich. This would be useful for big difficult stitches where ICE still struggles (but its pretty darn good most of the time!)

    Tuesday, October 23, 2018 7:05 PM