High Definition Audio Driver Package KB835221


  •  My computer (Dell XPS 400 Windows XP) completely crashed due to a very nasty virus and everything was wiped out. I am fairly computer knowledgable but could not fix it. I had all the applications disc's but my computer couldn't even read them. I finally had to call a service repair company. The guy that came out, I think he put this on my computer, I don't remember seeing it before and now the sound on my computer doesn't work and even he couldn't figure out why. My computer came with SoundBlaster 24 and I have check and all the defaults are set to this. I hear crackling in my speakers and before the virus they worked just fine. Is this application need to be on my computer or is it the problem? Should I take it off or does someone know how I can fix my sound? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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