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  • A Department of Education report shows that educational software is no more effective in improving students scores on standardized tests than traditional classroom education, although a good deal of blame is being placed on the school's implementation rather than the software itself. The study, which looked at 15 math and reading programs used by 8,224 students in 132 schools during the 2004-2005 school year, is the largest to date comparing the standardized test scores of students whose schools used the software with those whose schools did not. Educational software is increasingly being used by schools systems looking for ways to meet the requirements of 2002's No Child Left Behind Act. However, DoE representative Katherine McLane said, "We are concerned that the technology that we have today isn't being utilized as effectively as it can be to raise student achievement," leaving open the possibility that the software's potential to help is being hindered by human error. "The fact is that technology is only one part of it, and the implementation of the technology is critical to success," said Software and Information Industry Association director Mark Schneiderman. Los Angeles abandoned the use of $50 million of educational software it purchased in 2001 after it was found to have no effect on standardized test scores. Not surprisingly, the district blamed the lack of impact on poor implementation caused by a lack of preparedness by teachers. Some feel that software should not be blamed, because doing so cause mean the least affluent districts would do away with it first, depriving these children of technology. Many schools involved in the study are now critical of it, despite being enthusiastic when invited to take part in 2004.
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