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  • Dumb childish and foolish approach to Computer Technolodgy is growing into Microsoft, as they grew with monopolies. It has continued for over a decade and going accute every moment.


    It is so unfortunate that a Computer user has to bear such a crude treatment from them. They simply dont care for user at all, they think what they do is right, what they think is ok.


    I can write 1000 instances which can prove my point but I cite only two of them.


    1. Internet Explorer 7 :  They hyped all world before releasing IE7 making us believe we were getting something totally out of this world, which none other could provide to Computer than Microsoft.  When they released IE7, they showed it looked like made of pure gold.  Extreme precautions were schemed, taking ultimate care to see that only selected users could get IE7, as IE7 was something made for exclusive users and commoners were not entitled to access to it, when at least 40 top class are available for asking and free.  I do not mind when someone produces something and wants to convey which he feels proud to make but shouting for something which has no value at all is height of ignorance.  I call for users, who can suggest what IE7 has, which others browers do not have. Also I can speak 50 features which are very much user friendly, are used for 5-10 years already and have not been incorporated in much hyped IE7 released in 2007. IE7 is still a drastically primitive browser compared to even the most unknown and badly developed browser by anyone anyday. WOrst is its vulnerability on web.


    2. Windows Live One Care : Best out of many was, when I decided to try its OnLine free checkup. I have Windows Xp Sp2 but I do not use IE7 use Firefox or some other browser instead. When I went into its site using FireFox, it said "Your Browser and YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM is not supported by Windows Live One Care".  Even today, such callousness and carelessness is showing. Microsoft's helpless anger on other browers takes its toll on users because Microsoft can roadroll users not other institutions who are frantically trying users to help users by reducing Microsoft's will to keep Computer users on ransom.


    Thank god things are changing and speed of change is increasing too. A good sign for average Computer users.


    I am waiting for the day when Microsoft realises its follies and thinks to change, before they are stripped of monopolistic position.

    Friday, June 1, 2007 11:36 PM

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