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  • Technology innovations are ever-changing with newer inventions and newer products emerging at every point. Sometimes these technological innovations completely change the dynamics of the industry operation. It is around these innovations, certainly careers are made. It effectively changes the way businesses work by reducing their costs for more agile operations making them accessible to larger audience. Cloud is one such paradigm shift. Companies adopting Cloud technologies are being more successful these days. All these transitions to the cloud require professionals with right skill sets and expertise. Now, is the time to enhance skills on cloud and build career on it as Cloud Computing enables access to wide pool of computing resources with effortless data transfer. Azure is one such aggressively developing cloud computing platform. It possess many dimensions on its platform like Data Market, IaaS, virtual networking, data explorer, data hub all giving you a ticket to the business of cloud making Azure Skills definitely niche.

    Features making Azure more prominent

    Technology for the Future: Azure is evolving at rapid pace, thus outpacing the average rate of growth in the IT sector. IT space is dominated by cloud infrastructure. Azure is growing faster than any other cloud service provider.

    Public Cloud is the future of IT: According to the recent survey, 88% of enterprises have already started implementing usage of public cloud. It clearly states that public cloud is going to be industry focus and its adoption is highly accelerating.  

    Rapid gain in Competitors: Azure adoption and its growth has been doubled since 2014 attracting majority of customer discussion. Usage of Azure cloud is nearly equal to usage of AWS.

    Wide Career Opportunities: Azure is the wide area with deep technology but rather less expertise and experience available. It is one of the good place to start the career either as a consultant or to be an IT Pro, as being in new area always pays off.

    Transition from current career to Azure: Transition of expertise from Microsoft platform can be carried towards Azure with a significant shift. It is possible through continuous learning as Azure changes weekly and one must keep up with it regularly.

    Path up to the Stack: Azure handles most of the work related to Designing, deploying and managing platforms as it moves up the stack. Expertise must be bought on high availability, scaling, performance testing over to wide areas like data platform, PaaS, IoT, etc.

    Easy to learn: As Microsoft is used daily by everyone, it makes it clear that Azure is easily available and adaptable when compared to other platforms. Concepts of Azure methodologies are easy to learn when exposure to Microsoft tools are made easy.

    Higher Efficiency: Azure equips most of the conventional tasks of design, deployment, and management of platforms.

    The opportunities under Microsoft Azure has multiplied greatly during the recent years due to the following reasons:

    57% of Fortune 500 companies are currently adopting Azure

    Because of Azure, Microsoft’s revenue has increased by 104%, with an annual rate of $6.3 billion revenue.

    Azure has received official accreditation from the UK Government.


    High salaries and wide range of options for experts in cloud computing has resulted it as a sought-after industry for IT professionals. Getting well equipped with the knowledge in Azure is lucrative in building an effective career.

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