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  • Hi,
    sniffing the conversation between WLW and I could see that WLW only send new trackbacks when editing a post, and the removed ones are ignored.
    For example:

    1. Create a new post with the trackback
      The trackback is sent in the field mt_tb_ping_urls
    2. Now add to the current post a new trackback
      The metaweblog.editpost post parameter contains only and not
    3. Now remove and send the update
      The metaweblog.editpost does not contains the mt_tb_ping_urls at all.

    I looked for the specs but I could not find anything useful that can explain this behavior. The problem is that the trackbacks the server can't know which are the real trackbacks desired from the user.
    This behavior is strange. For example the categories are sent them all every time.

    Is there a reason for this behavior? Any idea?

    Thank you

    Raffaele Rialdi [MVP] My articles and videos: Italian blog:
    Thursday, October 7, 2010 9:34 AM

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  • This is an OLD forum for Windows Live Writer; Microsoft will be shutting it down soon [to be read only]... But...

    There's a NEW forum, with more activity and more Microsoft techs working it. If you have questions/suggestions for Windows Live Writer, I suggest you go there and submit your inquiry there...

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    Until next time, Larry Henry Jr.
    Saturday, October 9, 2010 8:48 PM