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  • The msdn article "How to: Arrange and Dock Windows"


    Says:"The integrated development environment (IDE) contains two kinds of windows, tool windows and document windows."

     Q1: I am guessing that code windows and form/designer windows are both considered document windows? Is there a Visual Studio definition of document windows?

    Q2: Presumably Tool box, Properties, and Solution Explorer are "tool windows". What are a few other examples? How would you define tool windows to distinguish them from code windows?

    The article also says: "Minimize tool windows along the edge of the IDE."

    Q3: "Edge" here appears with several different meanings. If it's just for variety, ok, but if it has a specific meaning, I need to know what that is.

    The article also says: "Dock tool windows to the edge of a frame in the IDE."

    Q4: Do Frame and Edge have special meanings here or is it just to avoid repetition. In other words, is this different from "dock to the edge of the IDE."

    And it says: "Tab-dock windows to the editing frame."

    Q5. Again, does this have a specific meaning that escapes me? Are there 2 different technical terms: editing frame and tool frame?

     And: "Float windows over or outside the IDE."

    Q6: If "outside the IDE" means on a second monitor I get that, otherwise I'm confused.


    Wednesday, July 03, 2013 7:04 PM

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