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  • How to transmit custom-defined packet format other than 802.11 frame?

    In "d:\SoraSDK1.8\src\umxsdrbrick\mac.cpp", function BOOLEAN Dot11aSendProc (void*) get Ethernet Frame from upper layer with API SoraUGetTxPacket(&packet, (VOID**)&addr, &len, 10), and do Encapsulate80211Frame (ptid, wheader, addr, len ), then ModBuffer11a(). After the Frame is modulated, SoraURadioTransferEx() transfer the frame to wireless channel.

    We now want to use 802.11a as a PHY channel to transmit and receive our custom-defined MAC frame. That is to say that we use our MAC protocol instead of 802.11 MAC. So we must stop the 802.11 management packet Tx/Rx, and use some APIs of SORA to send/receive frames of our format.

    We do much exercises and modifications to the sample code, we cannot stop management packet transmitting (pWlanHeader->MacHeader.FrameControl.Type    == FRAME_MAN==0), can always receive FRAME_MAN. How can I do that?

    How can I transmit our custom-defined frames?


    Friday, November 15, 2013 10:18 AM

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  • Hi Eric,
    Just try to understand your question. What do you really want to stop? Stop sending management packets? If yes, please use "Adhoc Mode" instead of "Client Mode" in the umxsdrbrick console. In client mode, the Sora PC is acting as a Wi-Fi client, and trying to find an access point by BEACON/AUTH/ASSO packets. They are all management packets.

    Also, we recommend you use latest SoraSDK version 2.0. They are working on both single-radio RCB or MIMO kits, and better supported.
    Thanks, -Qi

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:11 PM