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  • Sure, anyone can review WHS. But, I chose to review WHS using suggestions to make it a product that's even greater than it already is. Since the whole post is a litany of well-rounded suggestions, I'll just link to it:


    No, I'm not trying to spam the forums up, it's just multiple pages and doesn't copy well to the WYSIWYG forum editor... I really hope these suggestions get implemented in WHS 2.0.
    Saturday, October 20, 2007 7:45 AM

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  • Surely the place for suggestions is the Suggestions section of Microsoft Connect?

    Personally, having things like the Server acting as a router is not something I would find attractive at all, the last place I would want a Server is directly connected to the Internet!


    The Connect site, as I'm sure you know, is set up to accept comments and votes, so anything you feel important enough for V2, you should vote on there.




    Saturday, October 20, 2007 10:36 AM
  • Well, Microsoft isn't going to integrate the product with a router. Microsoft supplies the software, not the hardware. But I agree (conceptually) that an integrated product could be easier for the end user to configure. I'm afraid I would recommend against buying it, though, because I don't want a file server that I'm going to store important documents on sitting on the edge of my network. If my medical or financial records get out, there goes my identity...

    Regarding MCE integration, while I personally don't use MCE much, I definitely think more complete integration would be great. But I don't expect the WHS to also be a full HTPC. I expect it to be able to serve up much more content to HTPCs than it can today. The ability to record directly on the WHS, with a built-in tuner (or two, or three) would probably be nice too

    Regarding CableCard, QAM tuners, etc. I don't see CableCard happening any time soon. You can't buy a PCI CableCard tuner today, partly because the entertainment industry doesn't much like the idea, but mostly because today's unidirectional CableCard interface is just unbelievably lame. Smile As for QAM, you're several years behind the times. I have (well, my wife has) a desktop PC that I installed a QAM-capable tuner card in years ago.
    Saturday, October 20, 2007 1:37 PM
  • As to the router, correct, Microsoft would not implement the hardware, but they would have to make some OEM preinstallation option for the UPnP setup. However, Microsoft certainly can point OEMs in this direction, just like they did with Origami. Microsoft has been working with OEMs on the conceptual level for years... decades... in this regard.

    As to QAM, I'm not years behind the times... Microsoft is. Media Center still does not have Clear QAM support. It only supports QAM via CableCARD encrypted broadcasts. There is a hack (by pulling the CableCARD itself) to get Clear QAM, but it is not supported. Other products like HDHomeRun are also hacks... and thus something an OEM cannot pursue. And, the consumer can't either because they can't add CableCARD to an existing system (for the reasons you gave).

    The good news, is the Media Center team realized "oh, people with existing PCs actually want HD over Cable..." and so it looks like future versions of Media Center will support QAM cards.
    Monday, October 22, 2007 1:46 AM