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    I have finally finished building and configuring my WHS server with the arrival of my Drobo unit.  As posted before I have a Dell 4700 configured with a RAID1 array (2xWD800JD drives) and have just added a Data Robotics Drobo external drive unit.  The RAID array is configured in hot swap trays located where the CD and DVD players were originally mounted and I'm using a enclosed laptop DVD drive to load software and RIP music.  I chose small drives for the RAID array as I don't know how WHS wants to manage storage and I want the majority of my files to reside on the Drobo.  40GB SATA drives seem to be hard to get or I would have used those, these 80 GB WD drives are OEM equipment for the Dell 4700 and seem to be readily available.


    The Drobo unit has been loaded with two 160GB HDDs for a storage capacity of just over 145GB, I have room to add another two drives as I need more space, or I can replace these drives with lager ones in the future.  I have added the Drobo to the WHS storage pool - the unit reports itself to WHS as a 2Tb drive and should I exceed 2TB of actual storage it will report a second 2TB partition.  The beauty of this unit is I can now add or delete additional storage space without confusing Drive Extender in WHS, I just add or remove a drive and Drobo tells me which one to replace.


    So far everything has been extremly stable, I have hot swapped drives from the RAID array - WHS keeps on truckin', configured a third drive for the RAID set without loosing data and recoved from one hard kill without loosing the OS.  The RAID controller did report that it was "re-snychronizing drives after an improper shut down", but WHS restared without a hitch.  I have added all my client systems (a little more work to do on client accounts) and so far the system has been very stable and continues to report that the network is healthy and that all storage drives are healthy.


    On to loading services - so far moving my music files from client system to the WHS has been a disaster, somehow the "Move" command in XP took the music files but didn't take the licenses and I cannot play streaming music to some of my newer client systems.  Looks like I have to re-RIP my whole music library .  Follow that posting in the Software Forum.  Back-ups are the next thing to add....!!


    More to follow.....





    Thursday, April 10, 2008 5:54 PM

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  • Interesting.  The issue you run into with DRM'd files is all to common.  Ultimately, Microsoft is going to need to incorporate some sort of centralized license manager...that you can transfer licenses from/to PCs.  Its not just music as is in your case.  Lets say you purchase a downloadable movie from a service like CinemaNow to enjoy on your flight to hawaii.  When you return, there is no consumer friendly way (if at all) to transfer that to Windows Home Server.  You can imagine that after purchasint..you may want to enjoy it on your home theatre by way of XBox 360 or some other extender.  Microsoft must resolve these type of consumer usage scenarios..and I don't see how without a centralized license manager.



    Thursday, April 10, 2008 7:35 PM
  • John - Joel Burt - one of the moderators, read your post on my "Must re-load all music files..." in the WHS Software Forum (I pasted it over there too) and he thinks you should post it to the Suggestions Forum.  Sounds great to me, would have saved me a weekend of re-RIPping music......


    Thanks for the help - I thought I had messed something up when I moved the files.





    Friday, April 11, 2008 2:37 AM