Propose as Answer messed-up after Move of thread, but there is a solution (included here) RRS feed

  • Question

  • Scenario:

    X had marked his own answer as "Propose as Answer"
    Y (not me!) had unmarked this.

    The thread was then moved to another forum

    At this point the thread showed *first* Unmarked as Propose and second marked as propose as answer.

    It was impossible for a Moderator (me) to unmark this propose as answer which was showing in the icon.


    The moderator himself clicks on Propose as Answer
    The moderator clicks on Un-propose

    This works; the icon is removed from the thread and the sequence is now correct

    - self-propose
    - un-propose
    - (moderator's) propose
    - (moderator's) unpropose

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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009 9:38 AM