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  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ IT ALL!!!! I HAD SERIOUS PEOPLE NOT READ FULL POST IN ANY TYPE OF FORUMS BEFORE AND ITS FRUSTRATING TO POST AGAIN. I don't want to be rude but please don't get lazy and fast stream through it. This is a help forum not old study habits forum. One thing striaght no one likes to repeat themselves in certain situations when the elaborate story is in front of your eyes.

    I been having serious problems with the credentials manger (0x8007045); it will not work at all.

    First of all I tried creating a "standard user" to maybe hopefully make it work.

    Second my login is administrator as I started with.

    Third, it won't delete the folder of the standard user in C-Drive as I tried (Its not even shared, and its saying its shared)

    The adminstrator login is ("my name")-[I not saying who I am]

    The test account (standard user) is ("my name-PC") and it won't delete; I only wanted to test to see if it worked and I deleted the account so why is the folder still there in the C-DRIVE in users (Folder) and why can't I delete it?

    And-maybe I have a solution theory is that all administrator blocked for the credentials manager and thats why it will not open. IDK

    Did everything by restoring back to factory settings and I did a DVD restore as it says to do with the ASUS N61Jv computer. It won't update anything and I can't even do system restore. First off, I had problem before with this WITW (WHAT IN THE WORLD) UNKNOWN USER (LIKE S-1-5-21-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXand so on) thing in the sharing properties tabs; it maybe trying to get rid of it and I sorta messed up my C-DRIVE because everytime I created a new folder it was there to piss me off with the (UNKNOWN USER) and it was parented which is a more of a pain to deal with; I had no idea on what I was supposed to do to fix this problem of this (UNKNOWN USER). I ended up getting rid of it permanently but I ended up with serious technical issues later. At least all the internet and other programs work . Also I want to know how (UNKNOWN USER) happens as second issue I had before not really how to fix it first. Even though I want to know how fix it for future time reference. Please help even though I was off topic, but for one thing I had to elaborate my story for this experience. So Its really 2 topics and mostly I want the help on repair of the "CREDENTIALS MANAGER".

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