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  • Steven - Remember me?  I am the one who was trying to restore my Outlook files in backed up with OneCare in November and wound up zapping my entire computer.  I was attempting to restore these files on the same HP computer, but after having performed a complete system re-installation from HP Recvovery Disks. 


    To refresh your memory, I had loaded or saved the specific Outlook files from the OneCare backup disk to a pre-determined file on my hard drive and then, in turn, was attemtping to import the files into my Outlook 2007 on my re-configured computer.


    I can actually locate and view the files by following the file tree (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Restore\12-29-2007), however, when I select the file withinin the Outlook import menu and click next, I get the "File Access Denied, you must be the Administer to Access the File'.  This is where we had gotten to before, i.e., you suggested that I right click on this file and then 'change the file identification'.  I was in this very process when my computer instantly restarted and the only message that appeared against the backdrop of a blank screen was "missing operating system".  I vaguely remember 'double-keying' at the time and do not believe it had anything to do with the ID change itself.


    Well, I am back to "the 'ol licklog" as they say here in Mississippi.  I need to change the file's ID in order to proceed with the importing of these Outlook files on my Hard Drive - the ones I saved from the OneCare backup disk I created back in mid-November.  Could you please post these instructions again, i.e, how to change the file's ID so that I may gain access?  Thank you!



    Tupelo Mississippi (I have been using the abbreviation of MS, I am NOT with Microsoft)

    Saturday, December 29, 2007 6:50 PM