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  •   I have a customer who wants to sync CRM Contacts to Outlook.  They are using CRM 2011 Online.  They want to be able to sych the same contact to more than one user, so instead of using 'Records Owned By Me' in the Local Data Rules, I created a bit field for each of their names (small company, only 7 users).  So, if they want a Contact in CRM to sync to their Outlook, they just check the box associated with thier name on the CRM record.  Also, I have modified the Local Data Rule, I removed 'Records Owned By Me' and instead have 'Billy Equals Yes.'  This should sync all the records they have selected.
      However, if I do an Advanced Find with the same criteria in CRM, I do not see the same number of records.  For one user, there were 2,207 records in CRM with his name checked, and when we synched to Outlook, he only received 1,478 Contacts.  Another user had 2,188 records in CRM and received 1,460 Contacts in Outlook.  Looking at the records, it appeared the ones that they were the owners of, in addition to the checkbox being selected, were not being synched.  As a test, I assigned a record to another user, however, it still did not synch, so that may not have been the problem.  Sorry for the long-winded description, and thanks for your help.


    Alan Camp, 2B Solutions, www.2bsolutions.net
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  • Hi,

    Try the following:

    Create new data filter:

    1. Add Condiiton Record Owned By me

    2. If configuring for Billy then Add Condition If Billy Bit = true

    3. Select both conditions and use Condition Group OR

    Jehanzeb Javeed

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    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8:43 AM
  • I should have mentioned that I have tried combinations of Local Data Rules with and without Record Owned By Me and using the And and Or statements.  Regardless, I can't get the number of contacts synched to Outlook to match the number of records in CRM.  Thanks for your suggestion.
    Alan Camp, 2B Solutions, www.2bsolutions.net
    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 4:21 PM