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  • Is there any technical person

    if yes , Please help me its urgent.

    I have a table named "reg_events"

    in that i have two columns

    stud_id        events

    adit001         x-linx

    adit001        x-treme-warz

    adit001        x-torque

    ait002          x-torque

    ait002         x-treme-warz

    ait002         x-quiz-it

    .....                .....

    I m not able to retrive the stud_id of students who has registered for the events "x-treme-warz" and " x-torque".

    I have used the query "SELECT DISTINCT r.stud_id
    FROM reg_events AS r  WHERE r.events='x-treme-warz' and  'x-torque'

    the output obtained is ID of students who has participated in both events or only one event.

    I want the output as ID of students who has participated in both the events only.

    Please can any one help me......

    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 4:50 PM