poor performance of the forums delivering pages RRS feed

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  • since a few days I noticed a significant worse performance of the forum and it takes much more than 10-20 sec to load a discussion thread - especially I've noticed this behavour with SQL Server related forums - from different Internet provider and therefore I assume something on the server side had changed.

    if script support is disabled in the browser the page is loaded uch faster and I assume therefore that the updating of "My Forum Links" and "Related Topics" are the reason for this delay.

    At the moment it is almost impossible to efficiently browse and answer threads due those big delay in loading the pages.

    my question - do other readers have the same impression and could the moderators or Microsoft check if the underlying hardware or database for the forum is not slow since a few days.

    Accessing other Microsoft web pages at the same time are loaded normally and it seems really be a problem with the forum only.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 6:45 PM


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