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  • I've instal a coupel of days agou  WHS "Vail" on a home made server ... and afther 4 hours of working whit it some problems started .The first problem apered afther i've installed some addins .. in 30 minutes the computer startet to restart  when i've conected tot it and that is not a good thing! I thought that the problems where from the addins  and started to un instal them... but 2 of them don't whant to get uninstall! Afther that I started to see that every time that I tray to connect remotly tot the server .. iti crash.. and every time the same messege.. "Windows stopet  becouse of memorry problems" I've ran a memorry chech.. and every thing whose good! For the moment  i'm traying to  force the server  every time that I can ... and dayly  to sent crach reports tot Microsoft.

     It Looks ok... WHS Vail but something is missing from it... and hope that Microsoft  whill take care of that  for the final version!

    1) It dosen't see  HD files  like mkv, it dosen't see mp4 and i offent uplod movies from my phone

    2) there some problemes whit silverlight... playback

    3) Hope it whill see my new 3TB hard drives

    Monday, March 21, 2011 9:54 PM