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  • Where can I find the Product key on my computer for Office Home and Student 2007
    Friday, July 2, 2010 11:38 PM


  • Hello Oscellia,

    The Product Key on the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) affixed to the computer is only for the license for Windows installed on your computer.  It is not supposed to work to convert or activate any other installation of Microsoft software, especially the Trial of Office that came with the computer.

    In order to convert the now-expired Trial of Office into a perpetually licensed product with full functionality, you must purchase a genuine Product Key for the edition of Office that is now on the computer.  You can buy the product key directly from Microsoft (Microsoft is the only legitimate source for purchasing just the product key), or you can buy the full packaged product at your favorite, trusted software retailer, and then use the product key inside the package to convert and activate the installed Office, as long as they are the same edition of Office.

    Here is an excerpt from the Office Trials FAQ:

    Microsoft Office 2007 is the current version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 2007 suites and applications available for download are:

    • Microsoft Office Professional 2007
    • Microsoft Office Standard 2007
    • Microsoft Office Small Business 2007
    • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
    • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
    • Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007
    • Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2007
    • Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007
    • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
    • Microsoft Office Live Groove 2007
    Once activated, trial software will be fully functional for approximately 60 days. The trial period begins to run when you activate the software and the length of the trial period will vary depending on when the trial was activated. The trial software will only expire at the last day of the month within a user's trial period. During the activation process, you will be notified of the date on which the trial period will expire.
    As you reach the end of the time allowed to evaluate a Trial version, you receive reminders each time that you start the product. The Activation Wizard reminds you that your Trial is coming to an end, and asks if you want to convert to the Full product. If you don't convert to the Full product by the end of the Trial version's time limit, the software runs in Reduced Functionality mode.
    Convert means you have finished evaluating a Trial version and have decided to purchase the Full product. You are prompted to provide a Product Key that you already have or will purchase online.
    You can convert from the trial software to a full-version either before or after your trial period ends.

    Before the trial period ends:
    You will start receiving expiration reminder messages indicating the date when the trial will expire. At this point, you can convert to the full product in two ways:
    1. In any of the expiration reminder messages, click Convert, and then follow the steps in the conversion process, below.
    2. At any time during the trial period (or even after the trial has expired), you can open any of the Microsoft Office System products, and in the Help menu: click "Activate your software".
    After the trial period expires:
    The software goes into reduced functionality mode. Some of the limitations of reduced functionality mode include the following:
    You can not create any new files.
    You can view existing files, but you can not modify them.
    You can print files, but you can not save them.
    You can convert into a full-use version of the product by following these steps:

    The Conversion Process:
    Follow these steps to convert your Microsoft Office System trial product to perpetual use with no uninstall or reinstall necessary.
    Step 1: Get Perpetual Product Key and Start Conversion Process
    Obtain the Microsoft Office System product at any retailer or online to get a perpetual product key. After you have obtained your perpetual product you have two Options to start the conversion process.
    Option 1:
    In any of the Microsoft Office trial expiration reminder messages, click Convert.
    Option 2:
    In either Access, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, click the Microsoft Office icon ,click Program Name Options, click Resources, and click Activate.In either InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Project, or Visio, click the Help menu, click Activate Product, and follow the instructions in the Activation Wizard.

    Note: To avoid uninstalling the trial if you obtain the full product version at retail, the full product version should be the same version and language as the trial software. For example, if the trial software is 2007 Microsoft Office Home and Student English, the full product version should be 2007 Microsoft Office Home and Student English as well. If the full product version is a different language version, you will have to uninstall the trial and manually install the full product version.

    Step 2: Convert Your Trial Through Set-Up Wizard
    In the Setup dialog box, click Enter Product Key if you have purchased a perpetual product key from a retailer or click Buy Online Key if you do not have a perpetual product key and would like to purchase it online.

    Note: When converting to a full product, you are encouraged to compare prices between our authorized resellers both through retail and online. Prices may vary. If you choose to obtain the product online, you will be routed to the Microsoft Web site and the Microsoft eCommerce vendor to obtain a perpetual product key. You will then be returned to Office Setup.

    Step 3: Enter the Product Key
    Enter the product key shown on the packaging of the perpetual product obtained at retail, or the product key that you obtained online. Click Continue.

    Step 4: Accept Microsoft Software License Terms to Install
    You will then see the Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT). Accept this agreement to use the software by selecting "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next.

    After you accept the MSLT, an alert window will open saying that your product is being updated. Another message will open once the software has been set up successfully.

    After launching the full version for the first time: You will be prompted to activate it. Unlike the trial activation, during activation of the full version, you will have the option to activate the software either over the Internet or by telephone. The default option is to activate the software over the Internet. Once that is done, the trial is converted to perpetual use with no uninstall or reinstall necessary.

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    Saturday, July 3, 2010 4:00 AM