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  •  I would like to know why Microsoft continuosly want to dowloan the Genuine Windows Advantage! First off and foremost it CAME on My Compaq computer when it was new! Microsoft should already have a list of all OEM maufactured computers by serial number and not ask.

    Secondly, Microsoft keeps asking the question that has arleady been asked and answered many times and want to disrupt my onlone time by doing this again and my computer reboot! This is both annoying and insulting.

    Microsoft -Do your job and know that when you license HP to use your product you have the obligation of knowing which units have your software on them before they are even purchased. And one you have forced this Genuine Windows Advantage tool, quit re-asking the question as you hace asked and my machine has answered many times.

    I expect more out of Microsoft that this!

    Saturday, March 24, 2007 3:58 PM

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  • Coachrick5,

    WGA updates continually refine the effectiveness of the two programs (Validations and Notifications), not only in their ability to examine and classify whether an installation of Windows is genuine or not, but also in their ability to assist the user in resolving common problems that may have created a false positive report if those conditions were encountered with previous versions.

    Also, since new KeyGen keys are generated every day by pirates, because pirates are constantly tweaking their crack programs, and because Volume Licensing Agreements expire or are modified every day, the valid and nonvalid Product Key population is a moving target.

    One of the most common scenarios for an installation of nongenuine Windows would be if you took your Compaq to a computer shop for some sort of repair; quite often the shop would use a downloaded nongenuine copy of XP instead of using the manufacturer's recovery solution.  If you were to take your computer in for repair, would you be able to supply the shop technician with the needed recovery CD?  If the answer is No, then you have the potential to become a victim of software counterfeiting, too.

    WGA started out as, and remains, an opt-in program.  You do not have to install either WGA validations or notifications on any computer running XP if you don't want to.


    Saturday, March 24, 2007 4:29 PM