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  • I have a genuine version of Microsoft XP home ( which I knew anyway as I bought it from P.C world, & I verified it when I installed it ), but I have just verified this again, using your verification tool, which ( again ), verified it as a genuine copy, & said that this entitled me to all your important updates as I was a genuine user. I did this because I have seen that some people who have had genuine coppies of your software have been having problems after they have installed your WGA tool, which is telling them that their version of windows is not genuine, when it is. 

    My question is, if I choose NOT to install the WGA tool ( because of the problem that other people have been experiancing ), does this mean that eithen though my copy of Windows has been verified as genuine, I will no longer be offered important security updates, & so on because this tool has not been installed.

    If so I don't think this is on as this software has still obviously got its problems, so why should I have to install it  at the risk of creating problems on my P.C just so that I can still get the security updates that I am entitled to after paying out over £100 for a genuine copy of XP.

    Saturday, May 6, 2006 10:39 AM


  • Since you have already validated your system using the tool, you have already installed it and there should be no issues. If the data file used to store the validation data should become corrupt or you do a clean installation of your system you will once again need to run the validation tool.


    You can turn on Automatic Updates to receive important security updates for your computer if you choose not to run the validation tool... But you will not be provided the opportunity to use the Microsoft Download center , go directly to Windows Update and download or be eligible for any of the Microsoft Genuine Software benefits located here.





    Monday, May 8, 2006 6:16 AM