Managing a route with a beltway RRS feed

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  • Is there some way to get Streets & Trips '13 to cooperate when I plan a trip that contains cities with beltways that go around the city.

    Whenever I plan a trip, s&t is bound and determined to take me on what it perceives as the shortest route, which is going to be straight through a given city, rather than taking the beltway around the city.

    When I try and drag the route to the beltway, that works fine but it immediately redraws the route to navigate me back to that straight shot through the city in question.

    I have an upcoming trip that will take me (HOPEFULLY)AROUND Jacksonville, FL, but if the past is any indication, S&T is going to try and direct me right through the city, when I want to take the beltway around Jacksonville. Each time I drag the route back to the beltway, S&T will go through some gyrations to get me back on what it perceives as the best route, up to and including backtracking and reversing direction to get me back on I95.

    When I get to Miami, it is going to do a variation of the same thing.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Saturday, December 28, 2013 2:14 AM