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  • I have recently installed live one care because, I was trying to go to a site and I would get a dns4error site instead.I don't have that problem anymore,but when I switched to internet explorer 7 and added one care, I began to have trouble with a bunch of pages coming up.I am not sure how to classify all of them.They are either trying to get you to buy a protection program of some sort or are trying to get you to download some sort of problem.The error boxes keep saying things like windows has encountered a malicious program attemping to install.I keep having to click the boxes every 1 to 5 minutes if I am lucky.Sometimes the alert itself goes away with one click,sometimes it takes clicking three boxes in the right combination or another box pops up.Yet all the while,except for about once a day,when a box pops up and says one care found some virus and needs to remove it, it is saying that there are no problems detected.I realize that there is an on going struggle between the software programs and the theives, hacks, pirates, or whatever they are called.What should I do to atleast have the best chance to rid myself of the problem until I am forced to upgrade to a more capable computer in the next few years?

    Friday, February 15, 2008 2:14 AM