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  • We have developed a plugin that shares an account record with a team. we run the code shown below. we notice that the record is created in the POA table but the value of the AccessRightsMask is 0.

    we tested the same code in a console app and it works as expected, i.e. the AccessRightsMask has the expected value.

    The plugin is configured with the calling user as a system admin, it is NOTin sandbox mode.

    What are we leaving out or doing wrong?

              GrantAccessRequest grantSharingRequest = new GrantAccessRequest()


                  PrincipalAccess = new PrincipalAccess()


                            AccessMask = AccessRights.ReadAccess | AccessRights.WriteAccess | AccessRights.AppendAccess

                   Principal = new EntityReference("team", teamId)


                  Target = new EntityReference("account", AccountID)


    GrantAccessResponse AccessResponse = (GrantAccessResponse)service.Execute(grantSharingRequest);


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