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  • I am pissed. I find this some what my fault but Microsoft has a lot of fault in this problem too (they aren't even taking responsibility for it.)
    So, long story short, I bought a windows surface RT. As this being my first tablet I was happy and excited to see what a windows tablet can do for me. Also I need one for college since my laptop was too heavy to carry around. I was fairly happy with my windows surface RT yet I had problems with it. My kick stand came in the package already in bad condition and my touch screen was not responding half the time even with my cover touch mouse pad. I thought my touch screen troubles were maybe because this item was fairly new and there were going to be updates to fix it. I just like any average person out in this world, I am not a mechanic I don't know that touch screen issues has to do with the inside of the tablet?! When my sister's friend had told me so that touch screens can be an inside problem, I was planning on shipping it back to Microsoft as an touch malfunction. On top of this I was planning on buying the extended warranty (reason for it will be later explained). However, just my luck, I dropped my tablet faced down. I had gotten three large cracks across the screen and I felt my heart drop. I quickly check to see if my 1 year warranty covered for any cracked damages. It didn't and I was furious! I was told by an sales associate that I was already given an 90 day warranty on my tablet so I did not need to buy an extra warranty. I took his word for it and right before the day I had damaged my surface I founded out that the 1 year warranty does not cover for accidental damages. I had talked to about 3 different people from Microsoft and 2/3 did not do their best to find other ways to work around this problem while 1/3 did. I believe her name was Shawn and I do applaud Shawn for her excellent customer service. She treated me well like as if I were one of her friends. However the other handful of representatives did not do so. Not only does it show a lack of service but it shows that they do not care for the customers. When I was talking to the Shawn who was trying her best to work around my problems and find loop holes so I do not need to pay an 320$ for this repair, I had told her that I had an a lot of touch malfunctions before my crack had happened. She took note of everything and told me to try to send my tablet as a touch malfunctions. I did and I felt like there were some hope. The tablet, on the way to the company, there weren't any problem. After it was received I had gotten an email stating that my tablet was received and the a team was going to look into my damages. A few days later I had received an email stating that my tablet was shipped back to me, nothing more. Not even an sorry we could not exchange or repair your item. Nothing was said so I had thought that my tablet was being exchanged/repaired. I was extremely happy!
    This is were the problem comes in. I was trying to track my package and guess what, who in the world would make such extreme error as to sending me an incorrect tracking number. I shop mostly on the internet and I have NEVER, EVER had an experience like this. I could not track my package! I had contacted Fedex thinking maybe something was wrong. No, nothing was wrong with fedex. I contacted Microsoft in my count at least 4-5 times. Everyone told me different answers but they all said something in common. They all said it was strange that I had received an incorrect tracking number. They had also told me that the care team was supposed to contact me within 3-5 days. Guess what? NO ONE CONTACTED ME. I recalled numerously and they all said that the care team should be contacting me soon and NO ONE DID and still to this day, NO ONE DID. I had to wait 4-5 extra days for my item to be shipped back to me. The more problematic situation was my tracking information was not available until TWO DAYS before my package arrived, now how does that make any sense? I was furious to open my package and find my original tablet placed nice and neatly inside. I had been given a sheet explaining possible reasons as to why my item was unable to be exchanged and yes I do understand these reason are no all valid but only 2 of out the 10 listed reasons were valid reasons. I was angry and I had given a call to Microsoft once again to find out that they only way to fix my problem was to pay the 320$. Really? Really, Microsoft? I was even more angry to find out that my tablet touch screen came back to me in worsened conditions. I really an not convinced that it takes less than two weeks for the touch on my screen to become worse. HOW, Just how is it that when I shipped my tablet to Microsoft, only little areas around the crack did not respond but when I receive my item back in less in two weeks almost 70% of my screen does respond? Just how does that happen? The person whom I was on the phone with told explained to me that the pressure of the crack can cause this and its just is similar to if I were to crack the screen on a touch phone. But I am not convinced that it takes less than two weeks for 70% of my screen to become non-respondent. That is just pure bull. Why? I cracked my old phones touch screen a few years back and my touch is responding perfectly fine throughout the years.
    I am furious now. I had to wait a little close to two weeks knowing that was problem was solved and to find out that I had just receive my, now even more worsened condition, tablet. Why did I just waste two weeks of waiting for something that was going to be send back as the same? Oh and now they are telling me to pay 320$ for a repair after two weeks of wasted time. To be honest, even if I lack the knowledge of a mechanic I am well aware that IT IS NOT HARD OR THAT COSTLY TO REPLACE A DAMAGED SCREEN. I really do not understand why it takes 320$ to repair a crack screen!!? WHY? I paid close to 700$ for this piece of tablet, why does it cost 320$ to get my screen repaired? I find that just ridiculous in so many ways. I still can not believe the care team or whom ever was supposed to contact me, still hasn't, its been close to a week now. I have nothing nice to say about my experience besides that one nice lady, Shawn, who tried her ultimate best to help me in which ever way possible. Sorry to say but, its hard to see me buying any windows product for a while. I rather buy from an different company who shows dedication to their customers. Out of about in total 7-8 people who I talked to only one was able to help me in ever way possible. Really? I give a sarcastic applaud to customer service that I had experienced. I can not express how utterly shameful it is to send to the customer an incorrect tracking number. I do realize that everyone makes mistakes but within a huge corporation it is just unheard of to send someone an incorrect tacking number. It makes me mad because only ONE person apologized for this mistake on the phone and the rest did nothing to take responsibility for some of their mistake. All they did was state how strange it was and blamed it on other groups within Microsoft. The person whom I was talking with, earlier today, did not apologized for any of the mistakes not even when I stated that my touch screen was in worsen condition. All they did was point at others and blame blame blame. I had worked as an sales associate within huge companies before, such as Macy's. We are put through an intensive training session and a huge chunk of it has to do with the way we handle customer service. We are taught that no matter the situation or who's fault it is, it is always the sales associate's job to firstly apologize and then to find every possible way to solve this matter. Again only 1 out of the many I had talked to did so. Thus, I give customer service experience a thumbs down and a F for failure.
    I hope many people read and I hope that no one has to go through what I had to. Unfortunately, now I have no choice but to pay 320$. However I refuse to pay this money! Only one out the all the Representative whom I have talked to apologized and spoke to me if I were like their friend, trying her ultimate best to help me in EVERY and it mean EVERY possible way. I demand someone to take responsibility for all the mistakes Microsoft had done. I refuse to pay 320$ for an exchange or an repair. My experience with Microsoft has just a well rounded FAIL.
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