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  • Can anyone help me here? I'm trying to run a TSQL view I made for Dynamics RMS to allow me to see all sales made in the past 24 hours, grouping them by 1/2 hour, and only show by department (my example, the department id is 1602).

    What is happening: I'm getting a number back which is great....but it doesn't match the reports I pull in the MSFT report manager. More info: I can get it to match if I do a sum(total) on the transaction table...but that too doesn't match the MSFT report...IS there another field/table/calculation I should do to see "all sales" (not voids) over the past 24 hours? Thank you very much.

    Here is the code I'm using:

    SELECT        TOP (100) PERCENT DATEPART(hh, Time) AS Half_Hour, COUNT(*) AS Num_of_Sales, SUM(Total) AS Total_Sales
    FROM            dbo.[Transaction]
    WHERE        (TransactionNumber IN
                                 (SELECT DISTINCT dbo.TransactionEntry.TransactionNumber
                                   FROM            dbo.TransactionEntry WITH (NOLOCK) INNER JOIN
                                                             dbo.[Transaction] AS Transaction_1 WITH (NOLOCK) ON dbo.TransactionEntry.TransactionNumber = Transaction_1.TransactionNumber AND 
                                                             dbo.TransactionEntry.ItemType <> 9 LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                                             dbo.Item WITH (NOLOCK) ON dbo.TransactionEntry.ItemID = dbo.Item.ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                                             dbo.Department WITH (NOLOCK) ON dbo.Item.DepartmentID = dbo.Department.ID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                                             dbo.Category WITH (NOLOCK) ON dbo.Item.CategoryID = dbo.Category.ID
                                   WHERE        (dbo.Item.DepartmentID = 1602) AND (Transaction_1.Time > '2013-12-10 00:00:00') AND (Transaction_1.Time < '2013-12-10 23:59:59')))

    Thank you.

    Friday, December 13, 2013 4:53 PM

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