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  • I am doing a program to dial a modem by using MSComm ...
    My code ... by vfp code

    code :
    If !Empty(This.tXTPhoneNumber.Value)
    If This.OleCOMM.CommID # -1
    wait window 'Port already open...'
    wait window 'Opening port...'
    This.OleCOMM.SThreshold = 1
    This.OleCOMM.RThresHold = 1
    This.OleCOMM.PortOpen = .T.
    This.OleCOMM.Output = 'ATDT' + Alltrim(This.txtPhoneNumberalue) + Chr(13)
    This.OleCOMM.PortOpen = .F.

    then the modem will dial the given number.

    now i have some quition
    1. how i can determine no modem are connected or installed the system
    2. how i can determine no phone are connected
    3. how i can determine the phone line is busy
    4. how i can determine the phone line dead

    Any one can help me ? Thanks....
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 4:12 AM