OCS and Multiple Phone lines associated with a single-user (and the user knowing what number was dialed...) Possible? RRS feed

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  • We are currently doing some dual-forking with our CS1000 and are moving over to a direct-SIP connection (Nortel's term...)

    We currently have DID's and NON-DID's assigned to users, and both extensions show up on the phones.

    For OCS, there is not really a need - the old need apparently was the way the PBX voice system worked.  The old system requires the 2nd extension in order to not "busy out", but instead forward to voice mail if you are on the phone.

    With OCS and dual-forking - it turns out if you are using the Nortel phone and a 2nd call comes in and you do not have the NON-DID number set up, it still works the same - and busy outs rather than ringing the OCS phone or Nortel phone.  

    More interestingly - it would forward with the NON-DID number to Exchange, which only accepts ONE phone number (the DID one).   The solution was to put in the DID number TWICE on the phone through the PBX, and that allows everything to work.  (You can't talk to 2 people though....or the 3rd caller will busy out...)

    It seems that this NON-DID number was introduced in this fashion - only those with voice mail have them.  However, in my attempts to get rid of this "feature" of having 2 numbers (you have multiple lines autmoatically with OCS with a single number, and do not require the extra lines), I've run into a snag.

    Some users are using the DID number as a "Private" line (very few people have it), and their NON-DID number as a "public" line.  You can tell what number was dialed by looking at the screen and screen calls this way.

    Using OCS, I'm able to create a NON-DID number by creating a 2nd account, and normalizing the number to the ORIGINAL DID number - which routes correctly to the user.

    However, there is no way I can think of to associate (2) phone numbers with the user to make them show up on their phone (so they know who called the "private" number vs. the "public".

    Is a 2nd tel:URI a possible feature in the next version of OCS?  I think it would require a schema update, changes to all clients to support this feature (you have to know who is calling on WHAT NUMBER).   Our snom phones and ip8540's and CX700's would all have to be updated to support this as well.

    Any other ideas?


    - Steve

    Steve Hahn
    Monday, June 8, 2009 5:20 PM