Looking for sample of combining File Sync with ADO.NET sync to create a database of files RRS feed

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  • At some point when I was doing research on MS Sync Framework I remember seeing a link to a sample showing how to use Sync Framework to scan a folder for files and record the file names/paths in a database table.  Now I can't seem to find that sample anywhere.

    The goal here is to create a music library.  The database will contain references to all of the files on the hard disk.  The application will allow the user to run queries against the database.  If the user drops a new file into the folder, the sync would automatically find that file and add it to the database.

    My first thought is that it should be possible to somehow have the remote provider be a file sync provider and the local provider be an ADO.NET provider.  I can start down that path, but it sure would be nice if I could find that sample I think I remember seeing. 

    Can anyone point me to that, or provide any other helpful suggestions about how to get started?


    David Cater
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