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  • What do others think of the experience of using Remote Web Access? After playing around with it, I'm seeing a number of shortcomings (both errors and design issues). I'm curious to know whether others are seeing the same sort of errors, or whether there is something in my setup that's causing them.

    First, the errors:

    • Every time I first log on to my WHS 2011 domain, I will get some sort of error from the Media Library. I need to refresh the browser, and then I will see the Media Library folders. I'm using IE9. 
    • Clicking on the "Browse Pictures" link in the Media Library results in an error about 50% of the time.
    • Searching on the pictures in the Media Library frequently results in a "Request Failed" error.

    Second, the design shortcomings:

    • The Search function in the Media Library only seems to search on the filename - it does not search picture tag metadata. And yet, selecting a photo will display the tag metadata.
    • The Search function in the Shared Folders does search tag metadata, yet selecting a photo in the Shared Folders view does not display tag metadata (i.e. you can't display the properties of a file).
    • The Search function in the Shared Folders view searches across all the folders - it does not seem possible to restrict the search to a subset of folders - e.g. search within the Picture folders.

    With these issues and shortcomings, I'm reluctant to open up access to my photo library for friends and relatives - I fear that the experience will turn them off more than encourage them to use it.

    I've blogged about this here, complete with screenshots of the errors and issues.

    Monday, June 6, 2011 10:25 AM