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  • have recently installed Windows Live One Care on my home computer. Prior to installation I was able to connect my laptop from work to my home network/internet via wireless connection. On initial connection I supplied the SSID & WEP KEY. All was well.


    Since installing Windows Live One Care, I can no longer make the wireless connection to the home network. The laptop from work is set to make the wireless connection to home network automatically. Post Windows Live One Care install, the laptop wireless connection prompts to connect. I click connect and after attempting to make the connection, the new wireless connection status has conflicting messages. The upper right hand corner shows “Not Connected”. The dialog in the middle of the box states “This network requires a network key. You are currently connected to this network.”

    I have read through the help on wireless networking. I don’t recall enabling wireless security on the router during Windows Live One Care installation, but that was several weeks ago, I suppose it’s possible it was an action item at the time.

    After reading more help items I was attempting to add my work laptop to the home wireless network, following these instructions:

     Add a computer to a wireless network with the Add a PC wizard in Windows Live OneCare

    If you used Windows Live OneCare to help secure a wireless network, you can automatically add another computer or device to the network.

    1.     On the computer that you used to help secure the wireless network, open OneCare, and then click Change Settings.

    2.     On Firewall tab, click Advanced settings.

    3.     On the Network connections tab, click the wireless network that you want to add the computer to, and then click Details.

    4.     Click Add a PC, and then follow the steps in the wizard


    When I get to step 3, the “Details” is not active.

    I’m stuck at this point. Suggestions please ….

    Sunday, August 31, 2008 7:21 PM


  • First of all, Chris, sorry for the delayed reply.

    If you have no information regarding wireless security in the advanced settings for OneCare, then wireless security from OneCare was not configured, most likely because your router is not on the supported list.

    So, although the problem began with the installation of OneCare, it is likely asking you for the key that was configured on the router - you will need to supply that to connect. Why it was lost I don't know, but suspect that it may be due to the fact that the firewall component made changes to the network connections.

    If you no longer recall the key used on your wireless router, you will need to reconfigure your router manually as well as any devices that also connect to the router wirelessly.



    Thursday, September 4, 2008 1:22 PM