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  •    I am trying to restore an HP Laptop, ZX5180US, via my WHS

    The restore fails shortly after it starts, gives an "unspecified network error" and ends

    However, some odd behavior prior, the restore is about 40 gigs, when it starts off it calculates the time required at 3 minutes, no way this is right

    The laptop has a wired network connection and the network is fine. When the restore process kicks off it finds the drive, which is ready to go and it also finds the NIC and the wireless adapter, (which is on the board and looking at the light on the laptop, should be off)

    I can see network activity on the wired connection when the restore disk is finding the server and getting info on the backups, but, when the restore starts, I do not see an HD activity and the network ethernet port does not blink green  

    I get the same result regardless of the other traffic on the network, IE, I turned all other clients off. 

    The backup files are fine, accessible on the server, it is up and running, all green lights

    Any suggestions, I am at a loss. I have restored another desktop over the same network and cannot find anything about the network that should be defeating this process. 

    Thank you, 

    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 1:02 AM


  • Ok, I am an idiot

    The WHS is fine,  the backup was failing because one of the SATA drives was not connected, so, the backup file was not complete, and could not be used.

    I think the unknown "network error" message is referring the the network as in "network is healthy", meaning server error, VS what I think of when I read "network error", which is "the darn ethernet network is not working right again" :)

    Plugged the drive in after checking it on the one running client I have left this evening.........fixed the loose drive, (SATA plugs need better latches), and off to the races

    WHS rocks, as always, saving me all kinds of heartache after a hard drive failure

    One suggestion, reconsider the error message, something like "backup failed because the files are not available" would have saved me an hour.

    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 1:29 AM