Unable to WGA validate my genuine WinXP Home on Windows Update! RRS feed

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    Q: What are you trying to do?
    A: Update my WinXP Home thru Windows Update


    Q: How are you trying to do it?
    A: I clicked on Start > Windows Update


    Q: What is happening as a result?
    A: When I get to Windows Update, it requires me to validate my copy of XP which assures me that i'm using authentic & fully licensed copy of windows. I click on Continue and it goes into the Validation Process and returns the following error...


    -------- START OF ERROR MESSAGE --------


    Source: http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/downloads/AutomaticUpdates.aspx?displaylang=en&End=http%3a%2f%2fwww.update.microsoft.com%2fwindowsupdate%2fv6%2fdefault.aspx&ReportSuccess=true&Error=10&sGuid=f1f70e12-2743-4393-96c1-b457caad0bfe



    The Windows validation process could not be completed because the computer’s system date and time may not be set correctly.
    Your computer’s date and time must be set correctly in order for the validation process to complete. Check your computer’s date setting now or go to the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Site where you will be guided through the process of correcting your settings and running validation again.




    -------- END OF ERROR MESSAGE --------


    Q: How often is this problem happening?
    A: Every time I try to update windows. Infact, I'm unable to update because it claims that my computer's system date and time may not be set correctly. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT MY DATE AND TIME ARE CORRECT/ACCURATE TO MALAYSIA. So I don't know what the validation error is all about!


    Q: Does the problem involve any server products (for example, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server, Exchange Server)?
    A: No, it's a brand new installation of Windows XP Home and there's nothing else in here other than that!


    Q: Is your computer on a network with more than 10 computers?
    A: No, it's a single computer that's connected to a Streamyx Broadband Modem thru it's LAN port.


    Friday, April 18, 2008 4:00 PM